Copake Republican Club

To Support & Serve the Town of Copake, New York

GOP Town Leaders

Republican Town Board Members

Town Supervisor Jeff Nayor
Town Councilwoman Kelly Miller-Simmons

Past Republican Board Accomplishments

  • The Republicans on the Board, supported a Sole Assessor for Copake. Besides correcting inaccurate assessments, the Sole Assessor will do our reval of properties internally, saving the taxpayers at least $150,000 in reval costs.
  • This Board, faced with severe financial challenges, instituted policies and legislation that that put Copake back on it's feet financially. Thanks to these actions Copake finished 2010 with a $168.000 surplus.
  • Enacted a local law which requires applicants to the Planning & Zoning Boards to establish escrow accounts to cover any expenses for legal or engineering costs related to their application, previously covered by the taxpayers. A potential savings to the taxpayers of thousands of dollars every year.
  • Working with the County, the Supervisor and the County Highway Dept. secured 1.5 million dollars in federal stimulus funds to replace the deteriorating bridge on Empire Road.
  • The board, in cooperation with the Comprehensive Plan Committee, secured a $6500 grant from Hudson River Greenway for our Comprehensive Plan.
  • This Board, working with the DEC, Attorney General, Assemblyman Molinaro and Senator Saland, finally brought to an end the Casino matter, resulting in the offender being indicted on several misdemeanors and felonies.
  • New chief of police - 2008
  • Keeping Copake Police Department - 2009
  • Adding 2 more members to the planning board to make a 7-member board
  • Setting up a Comprehensive Planning Board with representatives from all aspects of our community
  • Wood burning & laws to control our air quality
  • Cell tower - in the process
  • Solar Panels - in the process

Contact Town Offices

  • Copake Town Hall: 518-329-1234
    • Supervisor: Ext. 9
    • Town Clerk: Ext. 2
    • Town Court: Ext. 3
    • Assessor: Ext. 4
      New "Sole Assessor" is Craig Surprise as of 01-01-11. He will be starting an in-house re-val in the coming months, to save Town of Copake tax dollars.
    • Building Inspector: Ext 5
    • Zoning Officer: Ext. 6
    • Zoning Department: Ext. 7
    • Planning Department: Ext. 8

Town of Copake

Copake Town Hall
Jeff Nayor,
230 Mountainview Rd.
Copake, NY 12516
518-329-1234 x 9
Fax: 518-329-4049

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